SINCE 2005, The New York Jedi has been a community of Cosplayers, martial artists and teachers, who share practical Stage Combat techniques oriented toward Light Sabers, in order to create illuminated stage combat! But we are not character or cannon specific to any story franchise. We give you the exciting option of creating your own hero, from whatever source inspires you! We just focus on the whole light saber thing, and hanging out with cool dorks, geeks, newbs, whateveh! We’ve been on the Today Showio9, Tyra Banks, NPRWired MagazineTime Magazine WebsiteNew York Sunday TimesLondon TimesMTVNY PostDaily News,AMNY, NBC’s FirstLookG4ABC NewsCBS NewsDiagonalUK, Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible – LIGHTSABERSTime Out NYAmerican Airlines MagazineGeek MonthlySyFy Channel, and the documentaries Jedi Junkies and Reclaming the Blade, to name only a few of the media outlets that have covered the world famous New York Jedi!

We call Ray Park, Daniel Logan, Dan Wallace, Steve Sansweet, Matthew Wood, Ashley Eckstein, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch, Carrie Fisher, Nick Gillard, Mary Stewart, Mark Edlitz, Daniel McNicole, Tom Kane, and many other Star Wars actors, stunt people, and other Lucasites our friends over the years. We’ve had a ton of Comic Convention adventures with these fantastic creators and look forward to more craziness down the road!

True story, we sold our very first lightsaber to Carrie Fisher at the Big Apple Con, our very first convention in 2005. It was a Luke Skywalker ROTJ Master Replicas model. She gave it to Yoko Ono! She came back and asked for two more the next day, she had a dinner date that night with Helen Hunt, or someone like that. Wow, right?!?!

NY Jedi-Masters-2013few

Dan (Magnius), Alfie (Sirace Ecaris), Juan (Yogen Himashi), Mike (Ebon Wing), Flynn (Fuap R’Mah), Omar (Tier), and Marc (Udo Mogul Kier)


How can you be a part of it?! 

EASY! Just check us out on our Facebook page to become a member of our on-line community, and get to know our members from around the world! And, yes, we offer classes locally in Light Saber Stage Combat. This means, we show you practical knowledge of how to use a light saber, as well as how to “Wow the crowd.” Yeah, that’s what we do… but most importantly, it’s about our community. Like-minded people sharing their “Geekdom,” and having a good time together showing it off! Ever lost 50 lbs from having fun? We have. :)

We perform at many different types of events: 

Comic conventions, corporate events, etc, and we’ve even appeared at the debut of the new Star Wars Postal Stamp unveiling at the Empire Post Office, NYC in May 2007! Contact us for your event today! New York Jedi is owned and managed by Thrills and Skills as a publicly offered social club for “action figure wanna-be’s” to creatively express themselves through their own fandom.


What we are seeing right now, with television shows like Who Wants to be a Superhero?, King of the Nerds, and mega-costume events like San Diego Comic Con, and Dragon-Con in Atlanta, GA, is an explosion of personal expression that requires training for skills people see in movies or television. “From kids to adults” founder Flynn says, “everyone loves to dress up and become something different for a while, so ultimately we’re doing a kind of ‘Hero Building’ class.” While we can’t give you Force-like powers, we can show you how to do a handstand while balancing Yoda on your foot! And wield a light saber, of course. You can even learn how to make your own saber, any color you want!

We’re dedicated to help you do that within tutorials, classes, and our on-line forum based on tried and true stage combat and acting training. We can even show you how to meditate.

And this is not LARP (live action role-playing), it is stage combat and acting, but you acting the part or role that YOU want.

And while we are not specifically Star Wars-centric, we do rely heavily on many of the principles and training used by that of the Jedi Order. Mental focus, martial arts training, universal knowledge, and creating your own costume, err… robes.

What makes us qualified to even call ourselves the New York Jedi? Our team carries with it the combined knowledge of the following experts:

  • Stage & Film Fight Choreography and Dance
  • Samurai Tate Choreographers (Stage & Film Samurai Sword fighting)
  • Certified Martial Artists and Yoga Teachers
  • Event Producers
  • Military Trained Veterans
  • Professional Costume Designers
  • Professional Graphic Artists
  • Professional Video & Audio Engineers and DJs
  • Professional Photographers
  • Business and Financial Professionals
  • Publishing Agents and Science Lab technicians
  • EMT and Medical practicioners, Nurses, Pharmacists


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