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The New York Jedi are here to provide you with the best light saber choreo classes anywhere on the East Coast! We have experienced dancers, martial artists, and cosplayers that know a thing or two about saber choreography, and we offer classes to make you look as good as we do! Most are held for $10 ea.for teens and adults for years 16 and older, with each class’s content varying according to current performances we prepare for. Contact us for private lessons or special events too!



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KIDS STUFF: We are constantly asked about kids classes. New York Jedi does not provide children’s training outside of special events such as conventions, but a new program called is now launched, planning SaberKids Sessions for children 7-13 yrs of age in the Mid-Town area of New York City, and has received media attention from Mommy Poppins and other parenting websites. You can contact SaberKids to let them know you are interested in children’s sessions, and what days of the week most appeal to you.