Published on April 25th, 2013

If you think you know your saber, think again! Flynn steps up and talks about the balance and extravagant movements »

Published on March 25th, 2013

The three types of hits, all encompassed in one form. The three types of hits are Rebounds, Follow-Throughs, and Locks, »

Published on December 1st, 2012

American Airlines magazine contacted us after the whirl-wind reaction of Disney buying Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise. They wanted »

Published on July 6th, 2012

New York Jedi’s FIRST live performance in the pirated, outside amphitheater at the San Diego Convention Center. Saturday Night, just »

Published on June 3rd, 2012

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Published on May 11th, 2012

AOL Entertainment does an article on NY Jedi Academy!!! May 9th, 2012. »

Published on March 24th, 2012
Published on March 9th, 2012

ON a recent weeknight, Flynn Michael walked through his Jedi academy, a dimly lighted room not in some galaxy far, »

Published on February 27th, 2009
Published on February 5th, 2009

What do you do when you live in a city where it’s hard to get some,,, personal time alone. Especially »