Spinning and the Toss

Published on April 25th, 2013

If you think you know your saber, think again! Flynn steps up and talks about the balance and extravagant movements you can get from your saber when you really understand planes of motion, gyroscopics, and trusting yourself. This will be a great class for getting a real feel for how your saber moves.
* Basic Physics, Balance, listening to the Saber’s knowledge of it’s self.
* Simple vs Elaborate motion, Pendulums
* Understanding planes of motion, moving from one to the next
* Loosing the Fear, Letting go, and being the saber.
* Working/Adding these moves into your choreo

The Saber has long been the symbol of a warrior’s spirit. You should know your dance partner very intimately, and understand how they will move and react upon varied interactions with your environment. These motions are about adding sweeping movements and beautiful displays of light for the benefit of your audience. Adding flare to your scene will make the story more memorable to your audience.

Just as a precautionary note, please come with the mind set that you will drop your saber. Multiple times. I say that so that you are aware that it is not a matter of if, but of when. I advise you all to not bring any high end belt candy or anything you are afraid to scuff, crack, rattle, or worse.


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