Stolen Lightsaber Returned!

Published on May 22nd, 2013

BrooklynPaper-Stolen-dtg_jedimaster_2012_02_10_bk01_zLast year a very interesting story occurred, the founder of New York Jedi’s light saber was stolen. No really.

(Flynn recounts…) Well, the $400 saber was stolen from our neighborhood bar Project Parlor in September of 2011 while I was hanging with friends after one of our classes.  In what I thought was a vain effort, I had put up fliers around the neighborhood declaring it missing. “Have you seen my lightsaber?” Yes, it was funny, I admit. But the best thing happened, the Brooklyn Paper did this cool piece on me looking for it:

The SpotMy students were so upset for me that they all pitched in and bought/made me a new one,

….and then, more than a year and half later from the theft, I get this email on Monday, 5/20 at 4pm:

Dear New York Jedi,

You may find your lost light saber, but act quickly.  You can find it in Fort Greene Park, at the Willoughby entrance.  It is against the wall, underneath the bushes, approximately five feet in from the stairs.  It’s wrapped like a candy cane.

Yours Truly, SithBandit.

Needless to say, I was completely flabbergasted! Did someone actually respond to my effort to get The Prayer Wheel back? Regardless, I hoped on my scooter and sped as fast as I could to verify whether this message was true or not.

Thanks to The Brooklyn Paper, someone returned the stolen saber!

Thanks to The Brooklyn Paper, someone returned the stolen saber!

Sure enough, by 4:20pm I found it and had it in my hand.  In the story I’m quoted saying “when it disappeared, I told the universe, ‘If I’m supposed to get it back, please bring it back to me,’ ” he said.  And now the universe has.’

Just when you feel like the world has little or no chivalry or honesty left in it, someone does something you don’t expect, and renews your faith in human kindness.

When I got home I introduced the twins to each other. :)  I call this design the Prayer Wheel because it was inspired by Tibetan Prayer Wheels. I’m also a practicing Buddhist, so in essence, I’m praying when I spin my saber. How cool is that?!

I immediately called the paper to thank them, and they did a followup story today! Here’s the new Article today from The Brooklyn Paper:, THANKS KATE AND DANIELLE!


SPECIAL NOTE: You never know where bad things may take you.  This theft ended up leading to these interviews with The NY Times, and London Times UK, and more!


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